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Now, The CUSTOMERS That Your Group Is Counting On To Make Your Next
Fund Raising Project A Success
Have Some Delicious Choices To Make!

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A Full Gallon Of Any One Of The Following Ten Flavors:
• Caramel
• Ranch
• Dill Pickle
• Dark Cheddar
• White Cheddar
• Jalapeno Cheese
• Bacon Cheddar
• Buffalo Cheddar
• Salt & Vinegar
• Chicago Style

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A Half Gallon Of Any One Of The Five Premium Flavors:
• Peanut Butter Cup
• Chocolate Caramel
• White Chocolate Pretzel
• Chunky Peanut Butter
• Coconut Zebra

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"Decadent Duo"

This Package Contains A
Quart Of Each Flavor:

• Chocolate Caramel
• Dark Cheddar

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"The Classic"

This Package Contains A
Quart Of Each Flavor:

• Caramel
• Dark Cheddar
• White Cheddar

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Four Ways To Buy, One Low Price Gives The Customer A Multitude Of Choices Without Being Complicated By Cost Considerations. This Alleviates Any Stress On the Sales Person To "Up-Sell" And Makes The Calculations For Your Profit Simple And Easy.

And to Make Your Customer's Choices Simple And Your Sales Team's Job Easy, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS PROVIDED, FREE!

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Full Color Sales Brochures

Attractive full color Sales Brochures printed on heavy gloss paper to give every member of your fund raising sales team that polished, professional look that instills confidence in both your program and the product.

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Complete Sales Kit For Every Sales Person

Everything your sales people need to be informed, efficient, and professional when dealing with those all-important customers is provided.

• Full Color Sales Brochures
• Easy To Use Order Forms
• Product Information Sheets
• Flavor Descriptions
• EXAMPLE Order Form already filled in so that the sales person can see exactly how to do it.

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Presentation Package Materials

No matter which Item your customer chooses, the Signature Kraft Bag with handle and the colorful tissue inserts make an attractive presentation packaging for you to deliver to the customer. So much nicer, more attractive and thoughtful than a plastic tub of dough or dully wrapped candy bars.

• Shipped to you flat to avoid crushing.
• Just insert the customer's order, that we've already separated and tagged for you, along with the tissue, and deliver!
• Your organization will be remembered next year!

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All Project Management Materials

Everything your coordinating team needs to be efficient, precise, and profitable is provided.

• Extra Sales Order forms for the Goal Achievers on the sales team
• Assistant Coordinator's Summary Forms
to consolidate the sales from the team members assigned to them
• Coordinator's Sales and Profit Tally Forms to organize the event into one easy and simple to understand report. This form shows total dollar sales, total number of items, YOUR PROFIT, and is the form the final order can be filled from. And, every form comes with an EXAMPLE form already filled in so that you can see exactly how to do it.

Schools, Athletic Teams, Bands, Civic Organizations, Clubs, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations... All Find The Need To Raise Funds For Their Activities, Charities, Trips, Equipment... WHATEVER! Contact Us Today And Let's Start Planning Your Project.

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